GPS tracker
& listening device

Protect what is important to you! Our car GPS tracker with integrated listening device is ideal for the theft protection of cars, caravans, boats and bicycles but also for tracking the location ofchildren and pets. Ideal for any application at home and abroad. Fast recovery of your property in case of theft or loss.

Real-time location

Tracking live. Via GPS it delivers exact coordinates. The data is transferred to your appin real time.

Geo Fence

Define a local area. As soon as the GPS tracker is outside this area, it will send an alarm signal.

Alarm function

As soon as the tracker is moved and shaken or exceeds a minimum speed, it gives an alarm signal.

Tracking App

All data from the GPS tracker will be sent to the tracking app. You can download this app for free to your iOS or Android smartphone.

Easy mounting

A strong magnet is integrated in the GPS trackerfor quick attachment. It offers a secure hold on magnetic surfaces.

Track memory

At any time, your app allows you to view information about your route, battery life, time and speed.

GPS Live Tracking

The app shows you the exact location of the tracker on a road map. You can see the course of the route in real time.

Every 30 seconds the signal of the GPS transmitter is recorded anew and thus the course is traced exactly. You can set up various features such as the virtual fence, alarm when there is movement or when a specified minimum speed is exceeded. Ideal for vehicle tracking, as a dog GPS tracker or a tracking device for motor homes and bicycles.


GPS tracker with listening function

You can listen live to the surroundings at your current location via the direction finder. The GPS tracker automatically answers your call.

The GPS transmitter is equipped with a compartment for the sim card. You can call them and listen to the surroundings unnoticed. This is ideal for school children, for example, to detect dangerous situations early and offers additional safety. The function is also helpful to listen in on what is being said in the immediate vicinity, for example in the event of a car theft.


Secure fastening

Secure adhesion of the GPS direction finder via a strong magnet. Ideal as car theft protection orfor locating caravans and boats.

You can either put the car GPS tracker in cars, bags and backpacks or you can fix it securely in a hidden place. The tracker contains an extra strong magnet, which is ideal for example to hold on the under-body of vehicles and all othermetallic surfaces.


For all mobile phone providers

The GPS tracker’s sim card is compatible with your provider. It works with O2, Vodafone, Telekom and all their subsidiaries.

The tracker requires a normal sim card in 25mmx 15mm format, as you know it from classic cell phones. It is not compatible with nano or micro formats. Before inserting the SIM, the PIN must be deactivated, otherwise a PIN request will always appear first and no automatic connection will be established. Sometimes changes to the APN are necessary. You can download detailed PDF instructions.


GPS transmitter with long battery life

Our GPS Tracker is the leader in battery life and standby time. The device runs until you get yourproperty back.

So that the battery does not run out in an emergency, the battery life is an important purchase criterion. Our GPS Tracker is equippedwith a 6000mAh battery, which gives it 60 days standby time without recharging. With 1h runtime per day the battery lasts 14 days. 


GPS tracker with various alarm functions

The tracking device is equipped with multiple alarm functions. Via push message you are immediately informed when an alarm signal is triggered.

You can individually set the signal threshold in case of an alarm. Among the countless options is an alarm in case of vibration or movement of the object. It can also be triggered if the transmitter leaves a predefined area, starts moving or exceeds a minimum speed. A push message also informs you about low battery status.

product details

Topseller: GPS Tracker Plus

Worldwide real-time tracking in over 130 countries.



Scope of delivery

1 x GPS tracker with int. magnet

1 xUSB charging cable

1 x power plug

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Customer opinions

Absolutely great equipment, I use both to locate our craftsmen cars and I am very satisfied. The tracking is reliable, the app is easyto use and the costs are really very low, because there are no monthly fees. For us a cost effective solution.

Patrick Krätz

We use the app to be able to find our father with dementia in an emergency. We haven’t had an emergency so far, but since you can see the history as well as the current location, you know where he is even if there is no reception at the moment. The long battery life of 60 days was very important for us.

Susan Habermann