Instruction manual

  • 1. Disable SIM PIN
  • 2. Insert SIM card
  • 3. Load and switch on the GPS tracker
  • 4. Set admin number
  • 5. Set APN
  • 6. Tracking by SMS
  • 7. App download
  • 8. Setting up the app
1. Disable SIM PIN

To remove the pin code you have to insert the SIM into your smartphone, go to the “Biometrics and Security” menu item in the settings, then to “Other Security Settings”. Finally, click on “Set up SIM lock” and uncheck the box next to “Lock SIM card”.

On iPhones, deactivation is even easier. First visit the settings as well, then select the menu item “Mobile Network” > “Mobile Data” > “SIM PIN”. Then simply select “deactivate” and the pin has been successfully deactivated.

2. Insert SIM card

The sim card is inserted on the side of the GPS tracker under the rubber cover. This is a normal size SIM (25mm x 15mm). The chip of the SIM points downwards.

3. Load and switch on the GPS tracker

Before the first use, you should fully charge the battery. A charging process can take up to 8 hours (depending on the charger). The charging port is located on the side of the GPS tracker.

After inserting the sim card into the GPS trackerand completing the charging process, it can be switched on at the side (under the rubber cover). Then you have to wait a few seconds until a mobile phone connection is established. As soon as the connection is established, this is indicated by a flashing blue LED light on the top side.

4. Set admin number

After the connection is established, send an SMS with the command “admin123456 plus your own phone number” It is important that there is a space between the admin command and your own phone number. Send the SMS to the number of the SIM inserted in the GPS tracker After a few seconds you will receive an automatic reply “Admin ok”. This is the confirmation that the command was successful.

Admin123456 and the own phone number mustbe sent
Example: Admin123456 015256548276

5. Set APN

Next, the APN (access point) must be entered. Just like before, you have to send this commandas SMS to the GPS tracker. Here the command is “apn123456 (own APN)” The command variesdepending on the mobile phone provider. A list of the most common APNs can be found here:

I am a Vodafone customer myself, so the command for me is “Apn123456“. After this step the transmitter is already ready for operation.

Send Apn123456 together with the own APN
Example: Apn123456

6. Tracking by SMS

So from now on you can find out where the GPStracker is by using the command “G123456#” or”where”. If you send one of them via SMS to theGPS tracker, you will receive an SMS with a link to Google Maps in reply. If you click on the link, you will immediately see on a map where the device is located.

Next to a link to Google Maps you will find other very interesting information:

S:000km/h – Indicates the speed in km/h

Bat:5 – Battery level from 1-10, where 10 corresponds to a battery level of 100%.

4209218158: ID – Username to log in to the app

These are the three most important pieces of information that are relevant for you. You need the ID to log in to the LKGPS app with this sequence of numbers.

With the command “G123456#” or “where” youcan locate the device via SMS

7. App download

The LKGPS app is available for free download from the App and PlayStore. When you open the app for the first time, you will need to enteryour login information. In the first step you select the upper item, i.e. “IMEI/ID”. Once you have selected this item, you will be taken to thelogin of the IMEI page.

The app is available for free in the Play- & AppStore

8. Setting up the app

On the IMEI start page of the app you will be asked for the following three infos: Server, ID and the password.

At the first point you have the choice between “LKGPS” & “666”. You choose “LKGPS”. In the field below you have to enter the IMEI of the GPS tracker. The IMEI consists of ten digits and is written on the side of the device. Alternatively, you can find the IMEI of the GPS tracker in every SMS reply. So enter the sequence of numbers and finally fill in the password in the last field. The default password is “123456”. Enter this password and press “login”

Route tracking via App

You have successfully completed the setup of the app! From now on you can follow the route in the app or see the live location of the tractor.We wish you a lot of fun with the product!

IMEI at the side of the GPS tracker

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